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Take time to relax for a few minutes and just enjoy. That is what this mindscapes site is about ... and Mindscapes 2 now has enough content to be interesting if you want to visit it.

Silence a spring haiga by Judi and Don Hall

Snowy Mountains and Lake art by Judi Suni Hall ancryensis spring haiga by Judi and Don Hall at Gingezel

Pink Asiatic lillies photo at Gingezel Umbrellas art at Gingezel thumbnail

Abstract 415 thumbnail gingezel Thumbnail Crystal at Beach portrait by Gingezel.

We hope the haiga, haibun, photography, art, and generative art images add to the enjoyment of your day and contribute to a feeling of wellness and contentment. Enjoy! The material is carefully edited ~ the stressful issues of life are left to other sites. What there is here is a mix of beauty and humor.

Guest poets and artists have graciously allowed us to add their work for your enjoyment. Please respect the fact that all of their work is copyright and cannot be reproduced in any way without their permission. All other images and text are © Gingezel all rights reserved.

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