Abstract Gallery 1
They mean whatever you want them to ... We do give the names we call them so you know what we thought. Roughly chronological order, starting with acrylic, then pen and ink, pencil, then digital getting better with time.
will-o-wisps gingezel.jpg
blue acrylic abstract gingezel.jpg
rectangles ink geometric abtsract gingezel web.jpg
poppies and sun gingezel.jpg
kandinsky style ink gingezel web.jpg
Sysh's garden gingezel.jpg
red dwarf rising gingezel.jpg
abstract kandiinsly style gingezel yellow.jpg
swirling water gingezel.jpg
artmatic iceburst gingezel.jpg
artmatic torn foil gingezel.jpg
Unravelled world gingezel.jpg
artmatic gray spirals Gingezel.jpg
artmatic blue drip gingezel.jpg
artmatic green xmas ball gingezel.jpg
artmatic abstract for website.jpg
artmatic pink swirl gingezel.jpg
crosscut abstract gingezel.jpg
artmatic purple burst gingezel.jpg
artmatic quilt gingezel.jpg

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