Surreal Umbrellas

Today is spring waiting to rain. I hope it does, we need it! So here is some fun surreal art with floating umbrellas

Umbrellas surreal art at Gingezel.


I've been away for a while, establishing our Mindscapes 2 site! It is definitely getting worth a look. But now it is time to finish some things up here. With spring in mind, here is a haiga based on a delightful picture a friend sent:
Nesting Material haiga by Elaine Ward and Judi Suni Hall at Gingezel Read More...

New Haibun

It has been ages since I wrote a haibun, but I got nostalgic about visiting my mother when she lived in Reno, Nevada. So I wrote one based on those memories. It is called Jess the Keno Runner.
Jess the Keno Runner Haiga by Judi Suni Hall at Gingezel. Read More...

Out of Season?

It is a perfect autumn day here, a mix of sun and cloud with just enough of a wind to blow leaves off trees. So why am I posting a spring poem? Well ... I got disorganized and just found it now. It's called Spring Wind.

There are also two new pieces of art:

Abstract 415

Flying South This one is a little hard to explain, so here it is:

Flying South art with trees and birds by Gingezel Read More...

Love Poems

Time to add new work, not be bogged down in maintaining this old site! Yesterday I was feeling sentimental, writing Don love poems. Here are two of them:

I also added one of those fascinating abstracts that can be made in Bryce, Abstract 414. Metal and glass and strange shapes.

Abstract 414 by Judi Suni Hall at Gingezel