Alley Marigolds Haibun
by Judi Suni Hall

Photograph of Marigold Flowers by Donald S Hall at Gingezel

I'm not the kind of gardener who believes that a plant that grows where it shouldn't is a weed and pulls it. Ever since we got here Johnny Jump Ups have been all over the place - in the lawn, the cracks between paver stones, even the shale. They are cute and amusing. We have a spectacular drift of violets in the lawn in the spring.

This year volunteer marigolds showed up not just in our yard but all over the neighbourhood. The bushiest, healthiest plant is in a crack in the alley pavement by our garbage. It has flourished there despite baking heat and early frost, getting healthier and healthier. Then on Thanksgiving, a young couple who live in old apartments a block or so away stopped and carefully cut a bouquet, leaving about half the flowers. She carried them home like a trophy, or the most expensive orchids.

growing on sunshine
unwatered, untended
alley marigold

Photo: Don

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