Autumn Sun Haibun
by Donald S. Hall

fall crocuses photo by Donald S.Hall at Gingezel

We sit in the warm afternoon sun on the 24th of October. Incredibly, it is 24 degrees Celsius, with only a light breeze stirring the spectacular late season flowers. We drink in the quiet calm, turning our faces, eyes shut, to the heat of the lowering sun, thinking of summer. Bees swarm the profusion of Michaelmas daisies and asters, and the purple beauty of the fall crocuses. There is a steady traffic of birds at the nearby feeder. We try to photograph them, but they are just too quick, swooping in only to capture a sunflower seed and spirit it away to enjoy in private or hide for the cold days to come.

busy bees
gathering the last nectar
a fall crocus nods

Photo: Don
© Gingezel

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