Flyers Haibun
by Donald. S Hall

cirrus clouds scudding
in a windswept sky
the gulls soar

It's the second last Saturday in August and fall is definitely in the air. It's cool and dry and the color of the sky is the deep blue of autumn. As we leave the house for a walk we suddenly realize the air is filled with flying ants. They are everywhere. One lands on Judi's shoulder. Its wings look oddly out of place on an ant - like they've been glued on and not to scale.

We start our walk and look up to admire the sky. It is full of gulls, wheeling this way and that. We don't normally see gulls here - we're not near any bodies of water. We wonder that they they are doing here - they certainly aren't going in any particular direction. Then we think - are the ants flying that high? Do they taste good?

Donald S. Hall
© Gingezel 2008

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