Snow Shadows Haibun
by Judi Suni Hall and Donald S. Hall

snow shadows haibun at gingezel.

Today is spring. The first crocus has poked out beside shrinking snow. It is just visible, but it's there.

Yesterday was winter, but after two blizzards in a row we had to go for a walk. Bundled and moving cautiously on treacherous footing, we counted deer tracks in the snow. They are coming into the city now, hoping for bare grass and green shoots.

deer tracks
close to the house
sheltered from the wind

There was a darkening, like a cloud passing the sun, but a cloudless sky. Then the snow was swept by dozens of curving black shadows as a flock of cedar waxwings swooped down for winter softened crabapples.

cold, clear
shadows cross the snow
waxwing calls


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