Favorite Links

Photography and Art

Agora Gallery - Contemporary Art Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY
Contemporary fine art gallery established 1984, located in Chelsea, New York art galleries district. The public is invited to the gallery art openings receptions. Artist portfolios are reviewed. The sponsor of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition.
Digital art by Swiss artist and musician eonite.

The digital software Judi uses to create most of her work.

Bill Atkinson
Pioneering programmer turned photographer.

Fuz Caforio
South African wildlife artist and a guest at this site.

Designs With Attitude
Dichroic glass jewelry turned into an art form.

Mirjana Lazic
Danish digital artist and a guest at this site.

Missourah Gal
Beautiful art and photography at flickr by Donna.

PD Photo
A favorite source of public domain photos.

Terra Galleria
A good place to spend hours admiring photographs from around the world.

The Yellow Art House Gallery
Located in Hampshire England. It includes the art of Andy Pomphrey

Trek Nature
A good place to spend hours admiring nature photography.

Marcia Sandra Woods
Avante garde art, and a guest at this site.

Haiku, Haiga, and Poetry

A Leaf Rustles
The haiku, haiga, and haibun site for our guest poet Laryalee Fraser

Along Poetry Creek
The home site for our guest poet Laryalee Fraser

The home site of Andy Pomphrey

TheGreen Leaf
This seems to not exist any more (Dec 2015)
A huge collection of beautifully illustrated classic haiku, plus haiga, haiku, and poetry by our guest poet Ashley Woods

Haiga on Line journal.
A Journal dedicated to contemporary and traditional haiga.

Hockey Haiku
Fun from a hockey mom

Japanese Haiku Poetry Resources
This is an excellent reference for teachers as the references are targeted at the various grades. Terry Summers, a grade 7 English teacher was kind enough to point it out to me.

Poetic Inspirations
The home site for our guest poet Pris Campbell

The Poetry of Food
A wonderful food blog by our guest Sandy, kitsune miko

Simply Haiku
A journal for eastern form poetry.

The Haiku Poets Hut
The home site for Soji. There is a much larger set of links there.



Kenny Colman
A favorite Canadian crooner.

A source of vinyl, albums you might not find elsewhere.

A Little Bit of Everything
Sometimes the most interesting sites are those that cover a little bit of everything.

F Davis
This beautifully edited site is a little hard to categorize. There are links that will help you entertain your kids, educational references for students, organic gardening, travel and more. It's well worth a visit.

Links Suggested by our Friends and Visitors
Symbolism in Poetry
Suggested by Dylan who is studying for his English Language Arts

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