Don is the photographer at Gingezel. All photos are of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada or the nearby countryside. The mountains in the distance in some are the Rocky Mountains. He is a photographer with an eye for the beauty of nature and the small things in life.

A lot of the photos are 'as is'. Some are have minor Photoshop work. Some have more adjustments by Photoshop, Apple Photos, or JixPix. Those that have moved beyond what we call photography are in the Art section. Don's photos are the basis for a lot of the watercolors there.

They range in age from relatively current to over 30 years old. It is interesting to see how everything from the city to gardens have evolved. The galleries are in chronological order, the newest has highest number. For brand new work, please visit

Here you will find flowers and a lot more.a photo of echinacea taken by Donald S Hall at Gingezel

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