Flowers Gallery 1
Some of the flower photos were taken in our yard, some in the neighborhood. We try to give plants the correct name, but don't count on us to identify things!
Clematis web.jpg
Crabapple blossoms adj.jpg
Columbines Gingezel web.jpg
Anemone gingezel.jpg
Tiger Lily gingezel.jpg
Rock Garden gingezel web.jpg
Pink Tulip gingezel web.jpg
Rock Pinks & Golden Garlic.jpg
Asiatic Lily Gingezel Web.jpg
Scilla in Shale Gingezel.jpg
Rock Pinks Gingezel web.jpg
Rudbeckia Gingezel.jpg
Lilacs gingezel web.jpg
Volunteer Poppy gingezel web.jpg
Phlox and violas Gingezel Web.jpg

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