Flowers Gallery 2
More photos from our yard and the neigbourhood. We try to give plants the correct name, but don't count on us to identify anything.
Fall Crocus Gingezel web.jpg
Neighbourhood Beauty Gingezel web.jpg
Bleeding Hearts and Periwinkle.jpg
Crabapple Blossoms and sky.jpg
Wild Garden.jpg
Ruffled Daylily Gingezel Web.jpg
Daisies (1).jpg
Spring Beauties gingezel web.jpg
Yellow daisies gingezel web.jpg
spring crocuses gingezel web.jpg
Red lilacs gingezel web.jpg
Golden Garlic and Bee gingezel web.jpg
Lilacs by fence gingezel web.jpg
Tiger Lilies clump Gingezel.jpg
Ornamental Crab Gingezel Web.jpg

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