Autumn Haiga Gallery 1
These are the first autumn haiga we created. Click on a haiga thumbnail to view full size.
Sunblind haiga Gingezel.jpg
leafy stairs haiga Gingezel.jpg
pewter sky haiga Gingezel.jpg
Scudding Clouds Haiga Gingezel.jpg
chinook leaves haiga Gingezel.jpg
birch raking haiga Gingezel.jpg
fall bouquet haiga gingezel.jpg
last geese haiga Giingezel.jpg
apples haiga gingezel.jpg
crabapple year haiga Gingezel.jpg
aster haiga Gingezel.jpg
transmuted haiga gingezel.jpg
Cocoa and Oatmeal Haiga.jpg
Moth Wings Haiga Gingezel.jpg
Fall crocus resteraunt haiga small test gingezel.jpg

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