Gingezel Science Fiction
by Judi Suni Hall and Donald S. Hall

Do you like science fiction and science fiction art? We have an entire site devoted to our sci fi novels and art. The sidebar link will take you there.

Gingezel sci fi is science fiction by a husband and wife scientist team. There is a strong focus on the characters and the technology they create. The novels are the Gingezel series (books 1 to 4) about a reactor accident, and the Octagla series (one book so far) about a space sport Don invented.

You will find our sci fi art as well as our writing throughout the site. Some of it relates to the stories, some of it is just cool scifi art
Shebot and Friend Gingezel Science Fiction art
This art is Shebot and Friend, created just for fun.

Eli Heron at Genie Navigation Consol. Gingezel Sci Fi.
This art shows Eli Heron, a Genie spaceship pilot, at a navigation console. Eli is a character in the novels.